Jeylin Corporation released the all new Zeppelin memory modules in the year of 2005
after a year of careful research and development. It was only released onto the market
upon countless trial runs and tests under different extreme environments which all Zeppelin
memory modules must under-go. Zeppelin represents a totally different class of its own whether
in quality, design, performance, or compatibility issues. It is our goal to provide the market with
a line of up-scale high quality memory modules backed with lifetime warranty and competitive price
that appeal to all consumers.

We make sure that all components of Zeppelin memory modules are made by the very best A-Graded ETT
IC chips and 4-8 layer golden PCBs from Taiwan. The components we use are guaranteed to be the finest
from Taiwan. Quality is one thing we will not compromise.

Furthermore, as a socially responsible company we make sure that all Zeppelin memory modules are
environmental friendly for all of its major components such as IC chips to PCB boards, etc. Zeppelin memory
modules have been tested and approved by SGS international testing house to be fully RoHS compliant.
A lifetime warranty covers all Zeppelin memory modules with immediate replacements for any legitimate defect.
Each Zeppelin module must pass a 24 hour burn-in test under different environments before it is authorized for
shipment to four corners of the globe. Recent RMA data shows a return rate of 0.15% for Zeppelin memory
modules released from 2005 to 2011. Our goal is to continue its steady decline rate of returns.

Zeppelin memory modules are available in DDR PC400, DDR2 PC667, PC800 and DDR3 PC1066 of PC1333,
PC1600, PC1866, and up-coming PC2133.
Memory capacity range from 512M, 1G, 2G, to 4G…
Zeppelin Notebook SODIMMs are also available from PC667 to PC1866 as of this moment.

Each Zeppelin memory module comes with an optional retail package for better protection and retail shop displays.
We are actively seeking Zeppelin distributors around the world. If you are interested on joining us please contact
us at now.


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